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BEYOGA- Tiny Houston Heights Yoga Studio Brings Big Results

BE Yoga Houston Heights Fitness Ambassador

BEYOGA is a small unheated yoga studio in the Houston Heights. It teaches students mindfulness, proper alignment, patience and strength both on and off the yoga mat. Having discovered this Houston Heights yoga studio through Tidbits last fall, I quickly fell in love with the BEYOGA. While the space may be small, the results are big.

The power of yoga

Yoga has been part of my fitness routine since college to compliment the intense cardio of running and swimming. It also gives me the space to pause and just focus on my breath—much needed during hectic work weeks. BEYOGA saved me while training for the Houston Half Marathon by building foundation strength and balance in my feet, ankles, and glutes. The early morning classes before the sunrise ensured I finished the race in one piece—both mentally and physically.

BE yoga Houston heights ambassador

Squeezed into a storefront by Snooze and Superica in the Heights, BEYOGA offers daily yoga and mat Pilates classes. The unheated yoga classes makes the Heights location it fairly distinct from most other yoga studios in Houston. The space itself has a beautiful mural and can fit up to 20 people with mats squeezed within inches of each other. However, the classes are rarely packed that tight, so you don’t run the risk of having someone’s sweat all over your mat. A huge distinction from some of the other studios nearby.

The Heights Community

Mel Tello and Kara Newton Ward– who I had actually met back in the East Side Yoga days–manage the studio. They make it their priority to create a space for everyone in the community at their Heights location. The studio itself creates a very intimate experience for all yogis. An eternal morning person, the early morning classes are my favorite way to start the day.

BE yoga Houston heights ambassador

My BEYOGA journey

BEYOGA recently selected me to be a BEYOGA ambassador! Over the next year, I’ll be partnering with the BEYOGA team to track my progress for mental, physical, stress, sleep, and other goals. If you are curious about the benefits of yoga and seek the mental and physical balance it brings, you have to commit and show up to see the changes over time. One of the greatest things I’ve learned is mindfulness of body positioning, alignment and patience with my thoughts during class–and probably the most powerful–after class.

Here in France with lululemon, I’ve been doing some intense workouts with causing my knees to act up. Incorporating yoga into my fitness routine helps mitigate some of the pain and imbalance I experience when running. Yoga strengthens the support muscles in my feet, ankles and legs that enable balance. It also helps me practice mindfulness when it comes to running form.

I’m excited to grow in the BEYOGA community as I continue my fitness journey and grow my yoga practice. Click here to read more about the other BEYOGA ambassadors.

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