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5 Things to Know Before You iFly in Houston

I’ve never been skydiving, and it’s pretty low on my list of fun weekend activities because I’m a scaredy cat, but I pretty much immediately agreed to fly at iFly without knowing literally anything about the process. Now that I’ve flown… and have video evidence of the experience — I’m here to tell it like it is.

Here’s what you need to know before you take flight!

  1. You’ll need a reservation. You can book online or call. It’s $80 for two flights — this is the standard package! You can also book multiples or even a party. Right now there’s a love is in the air package for couples for Valentine’s Day.
  2. This is totally a kids thing — or a kid a heart! I was so surprised how many kids were there since, you know, it’s flying in a wind tunnel. But so many kiddos were flying high.
  3. It’s kind of like class. Well, because it is. You’re learning to fly — to do tricks and stuff (of course, not on your first time). You have an instructor and they take you and do the normal training stuff. We had Allon and he was amazing! I actually felt super comfortable trusting him with my life (kidding, sorta) in the tunnel. I think that trust is ultimately what put me at ease in there enough to enjoy the flight!
  4. Wear something comfy! You gear up with a full suit, helmet, etc. Wear shoes that are tight and won’t fall off. I recommend athletic wear — for almost every situation in life — but especially this. You can get a locker for your personal belongings.
  5. Take home some memories. No phones are allowed, so you won’t be taking selfies in the air. If you’re whole group is going at the same time, then they won’t be playing photographer either. Thankfully, iFly will catch video and photos of you, but spoiler, they won’t be super high quality. If you’re in a big group, split up so you can take photos of each other!

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