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Get in Formation at DEFINE Body

Define your body and mind with some weights, bands, and a little TLC from DEFINE River Oaks. With my erratic travel schedule for work, it’s hard for me to maintain a regular work-out routine. So whenever I’m in town, I try to find the best classes that will have the largest impact. For a full body workout that both strengthens and tones, I find barre classes to be delightful and the DEFINE Body class certainly fit the bill.

I’ve gone to two DEFINE Body classes at the River Oaks studio thus far and I’m a big fan. I’m not sure if all DEFINE studios are this cute, but the River Oaks one is adorable. It almost has a spa like feel with white paint brushed wood doors, big potted plants and decorative art on the walls. DEFINE is a little oasis and doesn’t have the typical gritty gym feel.

The DEFINE Body class format was similar to other barre classes that I’ve attended (and blogged about!) but with less musicality–the instructor doesn’t change the song after every 60 seconds like a power hour (yes, I relate everything to alcohol). After checking in, you walk upstairs and grab a spot at one of the emerald green mats (I find the window spots most desirable) and pick up the props for the day. These typically include two sets of weights (heavy and light), a ball, a giant thick rubber band, and some form of strap for stretching.

The first part of class is dedicated to a little bit of cardio to get your heart pumping (think knee kicks and simultaneous arm lifts) and then you move into arms with the weights to get a nice fire burning in your upper body. I think the weights section is what keeps me coming back to barre classes. I hate lifting weights by myself–I feel awkward / don’t have the patience to do many sets. But in a class environment, I am much more motivated to maintain good form and honestly feel like I can see definition in my arms appear after just a few classes.

The next part of class is dedicated to thighs, glutes, calves, etc. The exercises range from various squats, tucks, and leg lifts while holding onto the bar or kneeling on the mat. The instructor gives very specific instructions on where to place your hands on the bar, how to bend your elbows and position your feet. I wanted to play a drinking game whenever the instructor incorporated the keyword “DEFINE” into the class–i.e. “Place your feet into a DEFINE V”….lol….The bands, weights and balls, are incorporated in a variety of ways to make seemingly simple exercises difficult AF.  I also felt like I was lied to the entire class. Everything was “just 10 more seconds”…”just 10 more seconds”….”just 10 more seconds.” OMG. My legs were on fire. I was definitely shaking in some poses. I’m pretty sure some movements lasted more than just the ten allotted seconds….

The class concludes with some ab work, bridge pose (“thigh dancing”) and stretches. I felt like the ab section was a bit light compared to other barre classes that I’ve been too, and would have liked to seen more.

I will say that one of the biggest perks I see with the DEFINE studio is that they offer a variety of classes, including spin, yoga and their iconic “bounce” trampoline class. Most Houston studios give you one type of class, but not all. For this reason, I would definitely consider investing in one of their membership plans because I love variety! Also, it’s a great excuse to invest in some super cute sticky socks. DEFINE totally has the best variety and even has some that are specialized for schools–like UH, TCU, etc. So fun!

Interested in checking out DEFINE? Your first class is free! Tell them It’s Not Hou It’s Me sent ya 🙂

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