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A few of our favorite things: April

Here is a collection of things that we’re crazy about here at It’s Not Hou this month. Check ’em out because you’re missing out.

Terrible Poker Face. Incredible blog about love and life and being single [in Houston no less!].  It’s written by an anonymous English teacher and reads like a novel. Her exs are your exs. Her struggles are your struggles. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll become very attached to all her characters. We suggest starting with the Little Black Book. You’ll be hooked.

terrible poker face

Married at First Sight. It’s reality TV and is exactly what it sounds like.  Nothing says desperate like letting four “experts” pair you with a rando and the first time you meet him is on the altar. It’s so bad it’s great and it’s in Season 2. You can find it on FYI on Tuesdays.

married at first sight

Impress Nails. These stick-on nails are actually pretty legit. They stay on for about a week–even through showers and cooking and washing dishes! And given how long a real manicure lasts (like 2 days…) it’s a nifty alternative that looks professional. $6 gets you a pack of 30, so plenty of replacements.


Downtown Houston Farmer’s Market. Every Wednesday around lunchtime the park in front of City Hall (around Bagby/McKinney) a plethora of booths, food trucks and stalls pop up selling everything from crepes to coffee to curry to veggie burgers. It’s mostly shaded and there’s lots of benches to sit and enjoy some lunch outside. A must for anyone who works Downtown!

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Honey I’m Good. Andy Grammer. On repeat. Nuff said.


Crawfish. It’s crawfish season. And it’s a pretty big deal. Off the top of my head, you can find it super easily at Ragin’ Cajun, HEB  and about half the bars in Midtown. [Assuming you eat seafood], learning to eat one of these mudbugs is a must for any Houston bucket list.


Turtle Races. The best thing that every happened to a Thursday. You choose a turtle. Turtles race. You win free stuff. You hang out at Little Woodrow’s for copious amounts of time on a weeknight.  A must for anyone with a pulse and under 30. Here’s what you need to know before you go.

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