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No Gym? No Prob — Houston Fitness Studios Switch to Streaming

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Grab your mat — and your phone or computer.

It’s a weird time to be a human. The coronavirus has decimated the entire country of Italy and some predict the US is just a few days away from that same fate unless the entire population stays the heck away from each other.

In New York, the city is on lockdown, and other major metros like Houston are putting in measures to prevent crowds from happening. First, major arts venues (and the rodeo) shutdown, then all bars and restaurants were forced to close their doors, and now gyms and studios are closing voluntarily to do their part on preventing the disease.

But you know all this probably. What you might not know is that a TON of Houston fitness experts have taken to Instagram live or the Zoom app to make classes available. Some of these are TOTALLY FREE on Instagram live, which is cool because you can do them later in the day but then they are gone after 24 hours! And some, the ones that are held in real time come with a small fee — highly recommend booking these when you can because at the end of the day these gyms need our support now more than ever!

Here’s where you can get your sweat on online!


Atrium Yoga Studio: It’s $20 to drop in one of Atrium’s streaming classes on the Zoom App — see full schedule here.

Black Swan: Houston’s favorite donation-based yoga studio is doing SIX streaming classes a day on their Instagram page. Of course, you still can (and should!) donate with you drop in a class.

Revolution Studio: You can take Rev’s yoga and Ripped (HIIT!) classes (for just $14. You can book online through their Uptown Park studio page and stream the class on the Zoom app.

Big Power Yoga: Big is using the Zoom app to stream it’s class. Book online as you normally would — rate is now $10 a class! — and you’ll receive a code to enter the class.

BEYOGA: Our fave lil Heights studio is also using the Zoom app for $10 classes. Book online!


Crew Fitness: I’m the most bummed about Crew closing… I had just started their 5-week Health Dare. They are now posting their workouts on their Instagram stories. It’s the same workout, but instead of rowing you need to get creative — jumping jacks, jump rope, running, high knees. And most of the strength parts require dumbbells for an extra challenge.

Laura & Cail: Two of my favorites from CycleBar Sawyer Heights have taken to their own Instagram accounts to go live with at-home, bodyweight workouts! Find Cail here and Laura here!

Ryde: Speaking of cyclers who are now bikeless, Ryde has also started offering free Instagram live workouts — catch them two times a day for 30-min sessions.

Barry’s: Barry’s national account is going live on Instagram a few times a day for 20-min sessions for free! Before March 23, they are doing bodyweight workouts only. Then, after that, the workouts will require their band kit, which you can buy here. Subscribe to their newsletter for more info!

Empower Fitness Lab: Empower is doing short workouts on its Instagram feed — follow along!

Illuminate Sweat: Join Illuminate’s Facebook Group to get access to workouts and coaching. Must be a member, or you can join one of their classes online or on ClassPass to get access.

Sphere Fit: Ready to have a ball? Sphere (soccer based fitness) is going live in the digital sphere! Catch them live on Instagram.


Boost Pilates: My fave pilates studio has been giving out some fire workouts for free on their Instagram! Catch their lives and posts — they made one for if you have a scooter on hand!

Studio Form: Miss your megaformers? Same. Use some towels or plates and check out one of Form’s online classes on their IGTV.

HIP Fitness: These ladies are also doing lives — no megaformer? No prob. Grab some wash clothes on a hard surface and it’s just as hard. Find them on Insta to catch them daily.

Sphere Fitness: Catch Coach Mike on Instagram Live! Follow them and turn on notifications so you don’t miss anything.

Citizen Pilates: On Instagram, Citizen Pilates goes live (and adds the video to their IGTV!). Mat pilates — GET TONED! Follow them here.

Define: Define is offering unlimited livestreams for $50 per week (or $150 a month!). You can get all their normal classes — spin, bounce, yoga — assuming you have a bike or trampoline at home. Book online!

Dance House Fitness: Werk it out with DHF online through the Zoom app. Book it online just like a normal class — and catch them on Insta for updates.

Kanthaka: You might not have heard of this one! This Houston-based app has on-demand personal trainers, and for now, they are business as usual. You can book a personal trainer to come to your home for a 45-min session for $42. The app’s Facebook page also has free streaming workouts and they are looking to do virtual personal training in the near future.

Pure Barre: If you’re a Pure Barre member (here or anywhere!) you have access to streaming workouts — not just now but always! Here’s some more info!

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