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InStep Pilates: The Most Refreshing Workout Ever

As I walked into InStep Pilates, which is located just around the corner from Saint Arnold’s near downtown, I saw allllllll the pilates equipment and joked that it looked like a torture chamber. And you know what…. I would have thought a private pilates session WOULD be torture. In a class, you can skip a rep or two or chicken out and do an easier modification. But in a private sesh? Nah. Right?

I was SO pleasantly surprised by the InStep experience. My-Hanh Adams, owner and my instructor for the session, meticulously watched my every movement. I (apparently?!) point my toes too far inward when extended, so there My-Hanh was to gently twist back in. She’s there for you when it’s time to add a spring to your bar or tuck your foot in the right loop.

OK, so the equipment, once I got past the torture chamber idea — there are just so many options and endless workout opportunities that will be completely customized for you during your sessions. We hopped on the Cadillac (?), which looks like a massage bed meets jungle gym. We did the whole class on it, beside it, hanging off it — all over it. It felt very similar to the reformer class we’ve taken at Defy, except more intense. At one point, we were heels in a sling hanging from the top bars doing back bends and pull ups. (A thing I did not think I was physically capable of doing.)

Anyways, most of the rest of the class was kind of a blur — time flew by and there weren’t a ton of reps of anything. I do remember that it was kind of hard not having anyone to look at. You know? Like in a usual class, you have the girl in the front who comes to class like 5 times a week and can do every move and advanced modification, right? None of that. Pay attention to instructions!

The workout was, again, super quick-moving. When it was over, I felt like I had something between a massage and a workout. I felt energized and weirdly relaxed. Can’t explain it.

The intro package is three classes for $150, and it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking for something challenging, specialized and fun!

5 thoughts on “InStep Pilates: The Most Refreshing Workout Ever

  1. I’m glad you said it, because as soon as I saw your picture of the equipment, I also immediately thought of some torture device lol I’ve never done pilates, but you make it sound like a successful workout! I’ll have to see if there’s anything in my area I can try, thanks! 🙂

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