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Camp Gladiator: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

Image from the CG website:

Image from the CG website:

Nothing makes less sense to me than an outdoor workout group IN HOUSTON that meets up at different times across the city. But apparently I’m alone in the disbelief, because Camp Gladiator is alive and well in one of the hottest, humidity-filled cities in the world (probably).

Here are 10 things to know before you try the cult-followed outdoor workout crew.

  1. You have a trainer, and that trainer has different times/locations they train at. When you sign up, you pick a home trainer/location/time. Mine was at Highland Village on Tues/Thurs at 6 am. But I didn’t have to go to every session, and I could mix it up and go somewhere else.
  2. Most of the locations are parks or parking lots. There are some parking garages even — those are good for cold days. But yeah, you’re outside. I liked the morning sessions best for this reason. Also note: this locale is tough on your hands. Also in addition to being sweaty, you’re a little dirty too. Go hard.
  3. It’s cardio meets strength. Every session starts with a quick run, then there’s a warm-up set of exercises. After that, there are 3 or so sessions, where you do 10-20 reps of a few different exercises. For example, you might do 10 push-ups, 20 bear crawls, 15 jumping squats and 10 lunges on each leg. You do them as fast as you can, then you start over until the trainer says it’s time for a quick break then the next set. You
  4. BYO-Shit. Bring your own mat. And weights. And water bottle. And towel. Basically, my car is a traveling gym. Monday and Thursdays are the only days that require weights, unless otherwise instructed. Always better to bring than to go without. Or you can always borrow from your trainer, but chances are they will be heavier than you might want…
  5. Your body is your most important equipment. Most every individual workout/movements will be just your body, or your body plus a weight (easier alternative: you can go without).
  6. The camps go in four-week sessions. Each week has a different theme, and obviously the fourth week is the hardest. Then, there’s a week off where there are fewer stretching sessions you can go to.
  7. Sessions are tough. The hour-long session will be different every day, especially considering the week. But I will say, there’s sometimes a mental challenge to the session. Either heat or just partner work with someone who is more advanced and challenges you.
  8. You get points for going. Once a member, download the app and you check in (either on your app or on the group ipad). Once you get enough check-ins, you get prizes!
  9. This, more than any other workout, is very community based. I’ve done two month sessions (about to do my third), and I haven’t (yet?) gone bold, which means to become a member. But I am definitely in the minority. People go CRAZY for this program. It’s so convenient, affordable and you make friends, get to know your trainer and feel like you’re a part of something! The crew will go to happy hours, add you on Facebook, etc. It’s nice!
  10. It’s addictive. After reading all this, can’t you tell why?

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