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Crew Fitness: What to Know Before You Row

Who’s ready to row?! Crew Fitness has officially opened up in the Heights, and wow is it addicting.

What to know before you ROW

  • Your first ride’s free! Book online or call the studio!
  • It’s a full-body, 45-minute workout. If you’re only sore in your arms, you’ve done it wrong.
  • Throughout the class, you switch between your floor and your mat. Row two minutes, do 20 pushups.
  • There’s this thing called an up-down that I will have nightmares about. Pushup to deadlift to curl to press. Then you do it all again. (Your choice of weights β€” I did two 10 lbs.)
  • High energy, colorful lights, loud β€” it’s like a spin class with its level of fun!
  • There’s a $125/month founder’s special! You can also pay per class.
  • There’s really nothing else like it in Houston. It’s really going to be a great place to mix up your workouts or really get into a new type of fitness.
  • This is Crew’s second studio. The first one is in Mobile, Alabama. The owners, Marcia and Dan, are a married couple that moved to Houston just to open Crew!

Highly recommend this class, guys! It’s so fun and the owners are just the best. It’s so awesome to see a new studio open up as Houston’s fitness scene expands and diversifies! Woohoooo!