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8 Workouts We’re Excited About in 2018

Workout 2018

Ahh, New Year’s Day. The day we all promise ourselves that this is it. This is the year we lose 20 pounds, get that 6-pack or run a half or full marathon. For a lot of us, those plans are not going to pan out… but for the rest of us. Let’s get to work.

These are some of the best workouts we tried in Houston in 2017 and are excited to bring them into the new year.

PS. We did some of these in a partnership with Google Local Guides. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out our video!

1. Control Studios

Two private pilates instructors, Courtney and Kale, quit their day jobs to make Control Studios — a semi-private pilates studio opening this month. Classes are max five people and specialize in classical pilates with equipment you’ve probably never seen before, like the spine corrector or the pilates chair. An hour with Courtney and I felt muscles I had never felt before!

It was different from other pilates classes I’ve taken before — mainly because it was just me and a friend in a garage apartment doubling as Control’s temporary space while their studio is being built. So much of the session was Courtney telling us to do things I legitimately did not think my body could do only to be able to do it, to everyone’s surprise, haha. What’s great about the small class feel is your instructor will know your name and make adjustments for you specifically. Sooo many times I’ve been in a pilates class, misunderstood a move and realized way too late and corrected. That won’t happen at Control!

The duo’s permanent studio will open up later this month at  2116 Bissonnet Houston Tx 77005. When open, they’ll offer various classes from mat work or spine corrector classes to classes with the sorta-scary looking Wunda chairs and reformers. They’ll also have private sessions too. It’s $40 for a single session, with cheaper options when you buy packages. If you act now before their grand opening, you can get 5 classes for $70! More deals on their app or their Facebook page.

2. CycleBar

CycleBar Sawyer Heights

We’ve tried all the spin classes in Houston, but this is the one I finally signed up for — committed myself to. I love all the instructors I’ve had and all their tunes — from Holiday Sleigh to the Day For Night ride. It’s such a great community and I can count on the manager, Nicole, or the owner, David, greeting me by name when I drag myself out of bed at 6 am. Puts a little pep in my step — err, my ride.

The class itself is pretty comparable to the rest of the cycle classes out there. 45 minute ride, with choreography (push-ups, tap-backs, etc) and an arm track (but not 2 tiny weights, one bar, either 4 or 6 pounds).  Also different: It’s cheaper than any unlimited cycle membership in Houston. Heck yes.

Plus, if you’re not sick of champagne from NYE, CB has its Champagne Campaign all month long. The members with the most rides this month take home a bottle.

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3. RacePace

Race Pace Houston

It’s Houston. Let’s be honest: Not every day is a run-outside kind of day. The class is a cross between OrangeTheory Fitness and a RYDE spin class. It’s addicting and fast-paced and perfect for if you’re training for a marathon, getting fit for 2018 or are Forest Gump and just like running.

RP os trying to get y’all off on the right foot this year with a deal: 10 RP classes and 10 Revolution Juices — a deal valued at over $300 for just $199.

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4. DEFINE: Memorial Green


New year, new favorite DEFINE studio? DEFINE: Memorial Green is absolutely stunning and I can rant and rave about it all day. There are all our favorite classes, from classic bodyrev and mind classes to the more adventurous ones we’ve tried like the bounce and the mind hammock classes.

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5. Bike the bayou

A super cheap, unstructured alternative for exercise is renting a couple B-Cycle bikes and rolling through the Bayou or around town checking out murals.

Be super careful on the bayou — not all is back to being 100% after Hurricane Harvey.

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6. Hammock class at DEFINE

hammock class define living

OK, so I know define was already mentioned here, but we gotta admit that one of our favorite workouts this year was hanging upside down in a hammock with Henry from Define. It’s not as easy as it looks, folks. First of all, it’s super challenging to hang upside down for so long — we felt a lil nauseous after. Second of all, I really felt it in my hips too. Still, a really cool class that strengthens and lengthens.

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7. Goat yoga

Here’s a class you’ve goat to try. Yoga with new, hoof-ed friends. It’s out in the burbs but totally worth it — just make sure to shower after. You’ll smell like a barn.

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8. Paddle boarding the bayou

paddle boarding Houston SUP buffalo bayou

We love Buffalo Bayou. Surprised? HA. This was one of my first SUP experiences and it was so much fun. Definitely one to wait for Houston to heat up a little… Would hate to fall in with our 30-degree weather we have going on.

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