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5 Houston Workouts to Make You Feel Like an Olympian

There’s no happier Natalie than an Olympics watching Natalie. And the fact that my workouts have increased with the premiere of the 2020 Olympic Games? Not a coincidence. I’m so inspired by the Olympics — and I know I am not alone out there!

If you’re looking to exercise (pun intended) that inspiration, I have five summer Olympic-inspired workouts for you — all available through ClassPass. BTW: It’s completely free to try ClassPass for two weeks (4 classes). Click here to try it out! (ClassPass Partner Link)

Welp, cue the Olympics trumpets. Let’s sweat like Olympians!

Fighters welcome

So, boxing sure isn’t an Olympic sport, but several types of “fighting” are! Get your fight club on at these various Houston-area options.

Channel your inner Simone Biles


OK, so unfortunately, Simone’s Houston-area training center is not in fact on ClassPass. Bummer. But I do have a few ideas for you to channel our graceful gymnastic queen (who reigns supreme regardless of how the rest of Team USA does this week).

Hit the metaphorical road

Cycling is present in various capacities at the Summer Olympics — you’ve got long distances and even mountain biking. I’m in awe of it all. Even being an avid spin class taker — I could not imagine the athleticism required for all of ~that~ so these ideas are just a fraction of the toughness represented in the Olympics.

  • Performance rides at CycleBar Sawyer Heights are complete butt kickers — especially with Caitlyn. Book ’em for 5-6 credits.
  • In it for the long run? Book a Power Hour at CycleBar Houston Heights on Saturdays for 4-5 credits.
  • Hit the *real* road by booking a Bcycle (yes this is a thing!) and explore all of Houston for 1-3 credits.

Row like there’s a finish line

Alright, so I am no stranger to rowing — it’s one of my regular workouts! But there are only a few spots that do it around town (if you don’t count Orange Theory, which has a bit of a different approach). But if you need to mix up your cardio whilst also working in some muscle work, look no further than a rowing class!

Where to row:

Recover like a champ

OK, so not a class but still bookable on ClassPass!! These are some recovery options for after you bring home the gold… I mean finish your sweat sesh.

  • Restore Hyper Wellness (two locations!) will freeze/massage away your pain with full-body Cryo and 30-min compression for around 6-8 credits.
  • Float on ok with  Zivel in Katy — they have so many day/time options and an amazing intro deal. A float here is 13 credits, but for your first time it’s just 9! (Such a steal compared to the $40 price tag.)
  •  A Kneaded Touch is high on my list to check out for a massage. The women- and Black-owned business in Upper Kirby has cupping for 20 credits, 60-min relaxing massages for 25 credits, and 60-min athlete mobility bodywork sessions for 33 credits.

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