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The Bachelor: Ben Being Annoying and Twitter is the Best (Week 9)

Weird things happen on The Bachelor all the time, so polygamy isn’t that far off, right? WRONG. This episode of The Bachelor REALLY grinded my gears. THANKFULLY, there was Twitter to make me laugh to and clap at. Twitter game was super strong, so I thought I’d have Twitter help me recap the episode.

Caila’s date

Ben and Caila rode on a bamboo raft

And it was awkward

Apparently things work out, and they actually talk then go to the fantasy suite. No one on Twitter cared.

Lauren’s date

Ben took Lauren to rescue cockroaches turtles

They literally have the cutest date. Ben says he thinks she is too good for him and she goes:


More cuteness happened, and I audibly “awed.”

JoJo’s date

The took a helicopter to a waterfall and 5 seconds later they were also exchanging ILYs.

Then we all realized something…

When Ben said he loved JoJo too… me af:

And we got a sense of major foreboding.

They go off to fantasy suite.

Rose time

WAIT JK. Caila decides to surprise Ben. Bad idea. He dumps her.

But the real MVP was Caila’s hair.

Then for the roses, we ha had some conspiracy theories.

And some eye daggers.

And some more theories.

Yikes, I’m exhausted.

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