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10 Favorite Things: October and September

September slipped right past us, so to make up for it, we are doubling down. Basically, Anastasia and I both have been traveling a lot lately (proof). But, we wanted to keep you in the loop on what’s happening locally. Whether it’s a new spot, or just new to us, here are the 10 things we are talking about:

Carrie Underwood and Dick’s

Dick’s Sporting Goods opened a LOT of new stores over the weekend and brought in many of its celebrity partners. One of whom was Carrie Underwood. And I got to work out with her. Spoiler: It was rough.

The blogger event was also promoting her athletic wear line, Calia by Carrie Underwood. It’s a little pricier than I usually purchase, but the materials are extremely soft. My favorite items: Leggings, cotton tanks, scarves (they are huge!) and the jacket I got — it had thumb holes which is very 2005 and I appreciated it.

Eating at Little Woodrows

Sure, we’re old fans of Little Woodrows (namely for Turtle Races), but I can’t say that I ever ate at one. That’s because most Little Woodrows don’t have food, but the one on Shepherd does and even has a lunch menu. I got to check out the new bites and I can tell ya, my world is forever changed.

Think of all the bar food you’re used to and turn it up to 11. The wings are amazing and juicy and SLATHERED in amazing sauces. We tried the Coca Cola (WOW!), sweet chile (easy favorite) and Siracha (literally can never go wrong with Siracha). We also tried the new Backyard Burger on the Jalepeno bun, which is a burger so good it falls apart in your hand. I never have to eat again.

Blow dry bar

I’m no stranger to a good blowout. As SOON as I win the lottery, I will never wash my own hair again. Just know that’s where my priorities are. So, when I heard about a new Montrose option, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out!

The space is great. Super cute. And the owner is an absolute doll. So enthusiastic (proof: I’m definitely in this FB live stream). The staff is also amazing. I got in and out in 45 minutes, and they accommodated all my high maintenance needs (I was running super late, had two stylists on me at one point). Check it out if you can!

Favor freebies


Favor is expanding, and I completely support that! Get ready, Katy and Sugar Land. Life just got even more convenient.

To celebrate, YOU get a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, YOU get a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, EVERYBODY gets a Chick-Fil-A sandwich. Order at 11AM on Thursday, October 27th to take advantage of this deal. More deets!

Other new Favor promotions include: $3 deliveries Oct. 24-27, #FavorHalloween if you snap a pic with your Favor Runner in costume and candy deliveries up until Oct. 31 if you forgot to stock up.

Try Favor! Get anything delivered. Use code ITSNOTHOU when signing up to receive credit towards your first Favor.

Nourish Juice Bar

Juice: You need to detox before the retox, right? Nourish Juice Bar is there for you. Get the Spicy Juan Carlos if you’re in for a kick of Gatorade but not.

Bullet Bourbon


Did you know September was National Bourbon Heritage month? Me either. But it was, and I totally missed it. Better late than never, right? I *finally* celebrated with a Bullit Bourbon smash by the pool in South Padre Island by the condo’s pool. Could life get any better? (Ps. the recipe: 1.5 oz bourbon, 0.5 oz lime juice, topped with ginger beer and a lime wheel). Cheers!

Beehive boutique

Your new go-to shop for statement pieces is here, and it’s just SO Houston, which is only surprising because it originated in Austin. The store is Instagram-worthy af, too, which is just a fringe benefit.

Fall drinks

Now that it’s 5ish degrees cooler, it’s time for fall, and fall means fall drinks — at fall-optimized bars. The list includes 5 of my favorite bars of the moment.

Defining ourselves

Define, previously known by us to be a hopping good workout, also has an amazing Body class. It will kick your butt, don’t be fooled.

Giving back to the Super Bowl

Our lil town is getting ready for a HUGE party, and you can help! Anastasia is one of the thousands of volunteers, and she took you behind the scenes of what it’s like.

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